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Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Bryant Real Estate had the privilege to give back to our community as a Bronze Sponsor of this year’s Epicurean Event held at the Convention Center on Thursday, September 8th.  Many local chefs in our area prepared wonderful and tasty food that was judged by local food fanciers.  This is an annual event held to raise money for the Methodist Home for Children and families in North Carolina.  The Methodist Home for Children provides community based youth homes, foster care and adoption as well as mental health services, family counseling and early childhood education for many vulnerable children.    Featured speakers were Star News Columnist, Celia Rivenbark, as well as Reverend Bruce Stanley, President and CEO of Methodist Home for Children.  A live and silent auction was also part of the evening’s events.


Please click on the link below to go to the website for the Epicurean Evening which lists the Epicureans and Award Winners for this year.  Remember, any contribution to this cause would be greatly appreciated by the Methodist Home for Children.

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