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Our History

Building East Side 2Bryant Real Estate has more than a 60-year history in South Eastern North Carolina. This illustrious firm was started by Annie Bryant Peterson in the early 1950’s. Many long time natives of Wilmington knew her for her tenacious business acumen and her trailblazer approach to doing business. While living on Wrightsville Beach she started the business as it took a natural progression from her taking care of her friend’s properties while they were away to a full service real estate company handling, sales, vacation rentals, and long-term property management.

A single woman starting her own company was extremely rare in the 1950’s and she created a lasting legacy through hard work, integrity, and building relationships with clients. It was this “client first” approach that formed the bedrock of what it means to be with Bryant Real Estate.

Building North SideIn the late ’80s and early ’90s Annie’s nephew, Bob Bryant, started to take the helm of the business and began to expand its operations. The business grew significantly with his leadership and the same tenacious spirit as Annie. Over the years, Bob completed numerous acquisitions of smaller companies and opened offices in Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wilmington to serve a much larger market and offer more services to our clients. One of the most trying periods during this time was in the mid to late ’90s when multiple hurricanes struck our beloved Southeastern North Carolina. Bryant Real Estate took the turmoil from the storms and doubled down on business both internally and for our clients. This circumstance further illustrates our commitment to the long term focus of our business. Our offices underwent major renovations and our property management clients relied on us to manage their own renovations after the storms. Our sales force grew and Bryant Real Estate ultimately emerged a stronger and more grounded company.

Bulding East SideOver the last five years the company has started its most recent transition. Mark Bryant, Bob’s eldest son, stepped up to take a bigger lead in the direction of the company.  Mark is a graduate from Appalachian State University and has worked in all facets of Bryant Real Estate over the years. This has given him an in-depth understanding of all the operations necessary for a real estate company to be successful at property management. Jason Bryant, Bob’s youngest son, joined the company in 2015. Jason holds an Engineering degree from Purdue and an MBA from University of Michigan. He worked for GE for over seven years and McKinsey & Company for three years.


bryantTogether with Mark’s deep background in real estate and Jason’s business and operational acumen, they are the third generation running the business. They share large ambitions of where they will take Bryant Real Estate in the coming years; however, one thing is for certain, they will hold true to the principals that founded this great company. They will always focus on the long-term, putting clients first, and treating them and their homes like part of the family!

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