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Posted on Sep 02, 2016


Below is a postcard emailed to us by a friend.  The postcard is dated March 9, 10, 11, 1973.


Side 1 of Silver Gull Postcard for Blog Side 2 of Silver Gull postcard for blog

“I seem to remember it being part of Bryant Realty back when Annie Bryant was still running the company.  Share it with Bob, he loves old things like I do and may already have a copy.  Take care and rest up for Labor Day!”


This is just a sampling of things “old.”  Please visit the Wrightsville Beach Museum located at 303 W. Salisbury Street, Wrightsville Beach, NC  28480 to see a wealth of history and memorabilia pertaining to Wrightsville Beach at the museum…  not to mention numerous events taking place!   We know you will fall in love with our beautiful Wrightsville Beach!




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